It seems that 2018 is a bloody good year for pub rock and it's just getting better with today's announcement that Sydney group Johnny Hunter have been signed to Break Even Recordings.

Comprised of Nick Hutt (vocals), Ben Wilson (guitar), Xander Burgess (guitar), Nick Cerone (bass) and Gerry Thompson (drums), Johnny Hunter are celebrating the signing by releasing their latest track, 1995.

"1995 is a grandiose anthem of pub-born irony and double-thought observations on the millennial condition. Narcissism and self loathing, abundance of knowledge and a lack of concern, the desire to be something great and a disdain for trying too hard," said the band of the track.

"Fast, fun, but ultimately bleak in its appraisal of the confusion and simulacrum-oriented living in which we find ourselves, the song's as much of an excuse to kick it out and jump around as it is a raised eyebrow to where we will all end up when the dust settles."

Bree Wilkinson, Tom Grant, Ryan Saar, George Gillies of Break Even Recordings said of the signing in a joint statement, "Johnny Hunter are an encapsulation of everything great happening in rock'n'roll and the local music scene at the moment - with one eye on the past and one on the future, they're quelling the myth that 'no great rock is made' anymore.

"We're very excited to be working with a band that has such a strong sense of self and energy to their spirit - not to mention how much of an impression they make live.

"We want to act as a platform to help showcase bands like this, so Johnny Hunter is such a fitting second release for us as a new label."

Check out the track below and catch them at their upcoming shows in Sydney and Wollongong. Head to theGuide for more info.