Hannah Quinn, who is accused of murdering Sydney rapper Scepaz (real name Jett McKee), has received another charge after appearing in court via video-link from Silverwater Jail today. 

As 9 News reports, Quinn has also been charged with accessory after the fact to murder in Newtown Local Court and has been granted bail. 

The co-accused and Quinn's boyfriend, Blake Davis, will appear in court in October. 

It is reported that McKee was attacked with a Samurai sword following a suspected bungled home invasion in Forest Lodge last Friday.

Quinn's lawyer Tom Hughes alleged in court that McKee entered Davis' bedroom wearing a balaclava and demanded money while armed with a replica pistol and pepper spray.

According to ABC, Hughes alleged that McKee threatened the couple inside the home, saying, "You don't want to get hurt, I will shoot you — there are a lot of people like me who will shoot you — give me your valuables".

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It's further alleged that McKee attacked Davis with knuckle dusters after attempting to rob the home, before he fled to the street, where Quinn chased and tackled him. 

Davis allegedly followed with a Samurai sword when he then attacked McKee with it.

Hughes alleged that Quinn did not know "that was going to happen" and "was a 23-year-old girl, with no criminal history and was subject to a particularly unpleasant home invasion".

Witnesses say they saw a man stumbling down the street with blood pouring down his face following the altercation before he collapsed.

Police have alleged that McKee had a large gambling debt, which had been paid off by his parents. $21,000 in cash was found in the alcove Quinn and Davis hid in near the murder scene though it is currently unknown who the money belonged to.

McKee co-founded Sydney-based independent hip hop label Sub Conscious Records in 2007 alongside Dseeva.

The local rapper has released a handful of LPs and mixtapes since then, including last year’s The Last Temptation with Bhoky101.