Youtube has announced the Aussie legends that are joining 45 other people from around the world as one of Youtube's Creators For Change.

Sydney hip hop artist L-FRESH The LION and Melbourne singer-songwriter Sarah Stone will contribute to the initiative that encourages Youtube creators to promote awareness, tolerance and empathy on their channels.

“For me, YouTube's Creators For Change program is a proactive approach to bringing communities together and challenging some of the most confronting issues of our time," L-FRESH The LION said.

"It empowers creators such as myself to tackle these issues head-on by using our strengths to discuss them with our audiences. That means a lot to me, to have support from a powerhouse like YouTube to have these conversations.” 

Stone used her presence on the video platform to propel her into placing in sixth place on The Voice Australia 2017 and is keen improve the community that supported her.

“I truly believe we have become desensitised to a lot of the content we see due to the sheer volume we consume daily making it harder for us as individuals to empathise with each other," Stone said.

"The fact that we are able to use our devices not only as a barricade to protect us from projecting hate speech and intolerance but also in some ways, to remove us from a sense of reality is really terrifying as people forget the real-life implications they are having with their online behaviour.”

Other Creators For Change includes the likes of Natalie Tran, John Green, and more.