Renowned Aussie music label Bedroom Suck Records​ has announced the launch of brand new touring company, Great Southern Land Touring Co​.

In partnership with The Adventure Handbook and Creative Victoria, a release given to The Music​ describes the company as "a platform that we want to serve as a connection between city slickers and the great outback, giving bands and fans an opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and explore, playing out-of-the-way shows in beautiful places, while also connecting with artists and communities that too often get forgotten simply due to location".

Great Southern Land will focus on outreach and connection and give regional artists and communities the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

The company will kick off this month with a tour of far-north Queensland led by Dave Blumberg & The Maraby Band, who featured on last year’s Split Singles Club with Milk! Records.

For more details, check out the Great Southern Land website.