Shane Collins, frontman of Brisbane outfit The Gifthorse, is confirmed to have passed away.

Triple J's Short.Fast.Loud host Josh Merriel began Wednesday night's show by confirming the singer's passing.

"I wanted to start the show off by dedicating a song to a band and a particular band member who unfortunately we lost today," Merriel said.

"A gentleman by the name of Shane Collins who was a big part of the Brisbane hardcore and punk scene and touched a lot of lives and unfortunately we lost him today."

The Poison City Records-signed band, considered one of Brisbane's best punk rock acts, released a string of acclaimed works including 2009 EP, From The Floor Up and 2014 LP, Give My Body To This Town.

Tributes have flowed since the news of Collins' passing came to light, including from Camp Cope drummer Sarah Thompson and Grenadiers frontman, Jesse Coulter.